Executive Summit Featuring
Tom Bilyeu

April 21-22, 2023
Orange County, CA

You Made Some Money Now What?

Every successful business owner eventually gets to this point. You’ve made your money, but now what do you actually do with it? How do you handle taxes? How do you give back to charities the right way? How do you start investing intelligently? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, GeekEx Execs is the event for you.

What To Expect

Our goal is to provide attendees with an in-depth look into the world of money management. This is more than just an event - it's an experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to dive deep into various topics such as investing, taxes, savings and debt reduction. We’ll tackle real-life scenarios with interactive exercises that allow everyone involved to get a better understanding of financial literacy.

Speakers and topics

Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is a unicorn entrepreneur who co-founded and built Quest Nutrition from nothing to a billion-dollar business in just 5 years - all without outside funding. He is a filmmaker and serial entrepreneur who chased money HARD for nearly a decade and came up emotionally bankrupt. He realized that the struggle is guaranteed, but the money is not, so you’d damn well better love the struggle.

To that end, he and his partners sold their technology company and founded Quest Nutrition – a company predicated not on money, but rather on creating value for people. The company's mission was to end metabolic disease –one of two pandemics facing the planet. Despite not being focused on money Quest exploded, becoming a billion-dollar business in roughly 5 years, making it the 2nd fastest-growing company in North America according to Inc. Magazine.

After exiting Quest and generating extraordinary personal wealth, Bilyeu turned his attention to the other pandemic facing society – the poverty of a poor mindset. To solve the mindset problem at scale and help hundreds of millions of people adopt an empowering mindset he has co-founded the media studio, Impact Theory with his business partner and wife, Lisa Bilyeu. Their aim is to influence the cultural subconscious by building a single-minded content creation machine that makes exactly one type of content - content that empowers people. If Disney created the most magical place on earth, Impact Theory will be creating the most empowering place on earth.

Jeff Sakamoto

Jeff Sakamoto is a successful real estate developer and investor who has earned the reputation as one of the top dealmakers in the industry. With almost two decades of experience, Jeff has crafted a sharp eye for investments that create and yield massive value for stakeholders. In the last 5 years alone, Jeff has been the driving force behind over $2 billion of real estate investments throughout the Western United States.

After building a sizable personal net worth in his late 20’s by investing in other developer’s real estate projects, Jeff was nearly wiped out in the Great Recession of 2008. From that difficult experience and a lot of soul-searching, he came to the conclusion that cash-flowing, multifamily real estate was the best investment on the planet. Since then, he has amassed a sizeable portfolio of over 2000 apartment units across multiple U.S. cities. Despite economic uncertainly all around, Jeff believes the best investment opportunities of our lifetime will be in the next 18-24 months.

Taylor Hendricksen

Taylor is a Full-Stack Marketer and VC focused on partnering with and scaling Human-First Financial Products. He's generated millions of leads, from $10Ms in spend across multiple platforms, resulting in $1Bs in revenue.

Jason Applebaum

Jason Applebaum stared his career in the exotic car field being one of the first people to sell luxury cars online. At the time Jason was young and sought out his peers as clients. It was in this search he found a large pocket of internet marketers to sell expensive high performance cars too. After many repeat purchases he finally asked them to show him exactly what they were doing to be able to afford so many of the cars he was selling.

One he was shown the way he quickly stepped on the gas producing 100s of millions in revenue for e-commerce products and lead generation services.

It all came full circle where he went from selling cars to buying cars with an extensive collection he keeps closely Guarded. With a ton of pressure and a few favors owed he has agreed to share his passion and help geekout attendees Amass a collection of cars that will double triple and quadruple in value over time.

Sergio Siderman

Owner of largest immigration law firm in the country.

Daniel Rudyak

Daniel is an experienced investor and operator with a demonstrated history of working in the Private Equity industry. He has completed more than $1Bn of Private Equity Acquisitions and over $2Bn of divestitures across his investing career. Daniel is a founder and Managing Director of Beverly Capital. Prior to Beverly Capital, Daniel had spent several years at Pacific Avenue Capital Partners where he was a Vice President on the Investment Team. Prior to Pacific Avenue, Daniel worked at Bridgepoint, Guggenheim Asset Management, and Houlihan Lokey. Daniel has a deep history of investing in Business Services, Consumer Services, and Healthcare across the entire capital structure.

Daniel is a Feldberg Fellow and Private Equity Fellow at Columbia University, where he received his Master's of Business Administration (M.B.A.). He received his Bachelor's of Science degree in Finance from USC's Marshall School of Business, where he graduated with honors.

Linda Wilson

Linda is an advisor at Goldman Sachs. She runs a 10 person team alongside her partner based in Los Angeles. Linda helps clients define and accomplish their long term objectives in regards to their wealth, families, and legacy. She works with affluent families, entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes and entertainers, and select nonprofit organizations advising on investments, lending, and overall planning.

Daniel Gilbert

Daniel is a Partner at Framework Insurance and Financial Solutions. Framework is full-service insurance brokerage specializing in life and disability insurance for the affluent marketplace. Framework provides advisors and their clients with in-depth audits and holistic reviews of their insurance portfolios in addition to placing new coverage. Daniel’s clients range from tech-innovators, professional athletes, and entertainers to trust companies, family offices and closely held businesses. Born and raised in Denver, CO, Daniel made his way west to attend USC. He currently resides in Manhattan Beach, CA

Alex Upperman

Alex is the Founder & Managing Partner of 12 Oak Capital, a real estate firm that acquires value-add multifamily properties throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. Alex has been a General Partner in over 40 acquisitions, totaling 8000+ units and a total acquisition price in excess of $700M. With the continued increase in housing costs and lack of affordable options for the average American, his investment strategy centers around buying workforce housing in markets with favorable demographics and business-friendly laws.

In addition to his real estate activities, Alex has started five eCommerce companies, which collectively have generated over $200M in revenue. His health & wellness company, Zhou Nutrition, was sold to a publicly traded company in 2017.

Alex graduated Summa Cum Laude from Missouri State University with a degree in Finance and minors in Economics and Accounting. He currently resides in Kansas City with his wife Shauna and son Truett.

Bernadette Girvin

Bernadette Girvin, a former LPGA Tour player and 14-year veteran in the financial services industry, graduated from Ole Miss with a B.S. in Psychology and joined the financial industry just after college. She and her business partner, Claudio Gambin, co-founded GFG Solutions in 2019 in downtown Orlando with the vision of creating a firm with a complete ecosystem of solutions for business owners. In her role as CEO, she leads the strategic growth and vision of the firm, oversees leadership and culture, financial performance and is passionate about delivering a white-glove, gold-standard, client experience. Outside of work, Bernadette is a proud mom to her two children, Gates and Presley. She and her husband Charlie, who are both Orlando natives, live on a 5-acre farm with 65 chickens, 9 turkeys, 4 ducks, 1 mini pig, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a bunny. They still love to play golf any chance they get!

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"The secret to becoming wealthy is not to work for more money, but to manage the money you already have."

What Have Past Attendees Said?


Nick Fisher

Here, the music is great. The tactics are fresh, and I truly believe that anyone who wants to stay up to date in your current tactics and environment should be here.

Hannah McGough

I’m here to meet other co-entrepreneurs who like to talk shop and also have a great character, and I’m just here helping other creatives.

Adam Davis

I went to the very first Geek Ex and I got tremendous value from that event. Four years later, I’m back. I’m here to learn It’s very personable and it’s not a pitch-fest. I haven’t been pitched once since being here. People just kinda open up their businesses. They’re actually really transparent.
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